Enjoy a calm relaxing kayak paddle with the tide, along the beautiful Brunswick Heads River, perfect for all ages and abilities.



Take in the sites along they way, as we stop on some of the stunning River Beaches that the Brunswick Heads River has to offer.



The Brunswick River tours offer a chance to see some amazing native wildlife and scenery, from Turtles and Fish to Birds & Dolphins.


Take it down a notch or two and join us for our Brunswick River Nature Kayak Tour. The Brunswick River is one of the most beautiful river systems in New South Wales. We run our tours on the top of the tide when the waters create a crystal clean and calm oasis for kayaking in.

Kayak along peaceful waters where the only interruption will be from local sea birds and wildlife calling out as you cruise by. This kayak tour is a gentle paced adventure. Take the time out the breath in the clean salty air and paddle past sand dunes that separate the river from the beach whilst taking in the stunning coastal scenery.

You trip is guided by local nature enthusiasts who will lead you along and point out local features of the environment.

Take a break on the river bank for a swim and a snack before winding up your tour and heading back to the real world.

*Tour start times will vary each day due to tidal activity

Tour Prices

Adults – 69
Kids – 59

November Tour Times

23rd – 10:30am – 12:30pm
24th – 11:30am – 1:30pm
25th – 12pm – 2pm

26th – 1pm – 3pm
27th – 2pm – 4pm
28th – 3pm – 5pm
29th – 4pm – 6pm
30th – 5pm – 7pm

December Tour Times

1st – No tour
2nd – 6:30m – 8:30am
3rd – 7:30am – 9:30am
4th – 8am – 10am
5th – 9am – 11am

6th – 9:30am – 11:30am
7th – 10:30am – 12:30pm
8th – 11:30am – 1:30pm
9th – 12:30pm – 2:30pm
10th – 1:30pm – 3 :30pm

11th – 2:30pm – 4:30pm
12th – 3:30pm -5:30pm
13th – 4:30pm – 6:30pm
14th – 5:30pm – 7:30pm

15th – 6am – 8am
16th – 6:30am – 8:30am
17th – 7am – 9am
18th – 8am – 10am
19th – 8:30am – 10:30am

20th – 9am – 11am
21st – 9:30am – 11:30am
22nd – No tour
23rd – 11am – 1pm
24th – 11:30am – 1:30pm

25th – No tour
26th – 1:30pm – 3:30pm
27th – 2:30pm – 4:30pm
28th – 3:30pm – 4:30pm
29th – 4:30pm – 6:30pm
30th – 5:30pm – 7:30pm
31st – 6pm – 8pm


Just like the old days, travel by river from one coastal town to another. Starting on the high tide and using an outgoing flow to help us down the river, we head out for an adventurous 9km paddle from Mullumbimby to Brunswick Heads.

If you’re wondering what effort is required, then you might be pleasantly surprised. Paddling 9 clicks is as easy as walking the same distance, in fact with the tide helping us along, we would say even easier.

Your guides will explain the cultural significance of Mt Chincogan and other local landmarks along the way. You will paddle past coastal rainforest, through farmlands and cane fields, down toward coastal mangroves and oyster leases, admiring the abundance of wildlife along the way. This tour is taken at your pace with delicious treats awaiting you at the finish line.

*Tour start times will vary each day due to tidal activity

Tour Prices

Adults – 99
Kids – 69

December Tour Times

Call us on: 1800 732 529




Become charmed by the abundant bird life that calls the Brunswick River home. Ancient Rainforest, coastal Mangroves and floodplain swam oak provide the nirvana of habitats for the local birdlife. Escaping the urban distractions on your kayak tour, you will tune in to the King fisher birds unique and unforgettable calls to each other. Once heard the next challenge will be to spot one of these most beautiful birds…

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The estuaries of the Brunswick River provide ideal habitat for shorebirds. At low tide they feed on exposed mudflats in the estuaries, or along the beach shoreline and at high tide they seek places to roost and rest undisturbed. Local shorebirds build well-camouflaged nests on the ground using sandy beaches, rocky shores, grassy areas or wetlands. Many of these birds are threatened. Twenty-two migratory and eight resident shorebird species may be observed in coastal and wetland areas of Byron Shire including the Brunswick River.



The very clean and unpolluted Brunswick River is a little gem, when it comes to it’s huge variety of fish. This small river holds far more fish than its modest size would indicate, and any angler with a sense of adventure and a hefty supply of lures can have a great time here searching for mangrove jacks in the snaggy areas that these fish love. Flathead, bream and whiting are also there in great numbers…

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There are plenty of holes and flats with features such as weed beds, drop-off areas and oyster beds to attract these fish.

The river contains mud crabs but there are also plenty of the much sought-after mangrove jack as well. The eddy created where Simpson Creek meets the Main Channel of the Brunswick River which is covered in both of our river tours is a great spot for observing large schools of fish swimming together.



During your paddle with us down the Brunswick River,  there is a good chance we will see the graceful Green Turtle. They spend a fair amount of time in the river eating and socialising. Green turtles start off as a black hatchling with a white belly and white bits 
around the shell and flippers. Once mature they keep the white under belly…

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but turn an olive-green colour on their flippers and head. They nest on sandy beaches. The warmth of the sand incubates the eggs for six to eight weeks mostly from February to march, but can happen as early as November.

Herbivores, eat mostly seagrass, seaweeds, algae, mangrove fruits, but sometimes they will eat jellyfish or small crustaceans. Their name comes from the colour of their fat rather than external appearance. Adult females have curved carapace length of 107cm and can weigh over 
150kg~330lbs, and can eat up to two kilograms of seagrass a day!



Being the most easterly point of Australia, the Byron Shire often experiences strong winds on the ocean. When this weather pattern kicks in all of the locals flock to the Brunswick River, including the dolphins. Being a barrier estuary between the wild ocean and the hinterland means that the part of the Brunswick River…

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that we paddle in is the perfect place for Dolphins and humans to get out of the strong wind and enjoy the oasis like ecosystem.

The Byron Marine park is home to over 300 resident Bottlenose Dolphins which call this area home. When the conditions permit we often see these majestic creatures playing around in the river. Due to the river being a much smaller playground than the ocean, when the dolphins are there we are usually in close proximity to them. Nothing better than a front row seat!



Surrounded by a littoral rainforest the Brunswick River is a unique estuary system, and the town of Brunswick Heads in itself just as unique. The scenery changes often and quickly, from long hair hippies jumping off the bridge as we start the tour, to mangroves in the sanctuary zone, oyster farms in the main arm, secluded beaches…

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volcanic mountains that are millions of years old and even the best beer garden in Australia (according to our guides!)

This river system really does have it all. We are happy to show it all off to you, or if you have a particular ecosystem you would like to really explore in depth we can tailor the tour to suit your needs. While you are paddling feel free to sit back and enjoy the scenery, as our free tour photos will make sure you get to enjoy the moment as our guides capture them for you.



Utilising the best of the tide our tours include a unique experience in what our guides have nicknamed “Ray Bay”. This mangrove opening is the perfect area for rays to thrive and at high tide we drift into the area on top of crystal clear water. Being on kayaks allows us to sit right next to these beautiful creatures as they carry…

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on their daily routines unaffected by our presence at all.

The Brunswick River has two main types of Rays that call the system home; Bluespotted Stingray and the Estuary Stingray. Keep your eye out for the Bluespotted Stingray by looking for a blue spotted flat disc-like body, that is about one third of the total length of the ray, about 70 cm’s long. The Estuary Ray has a diamond-shaped disc and a mostly smooth, whip-like tail. It can grow up to 93cm in length.


How old do I have to be?

Anyone 3yrs old and upwards can kayak on our River Tour.

What Safety gear is provided?

We supply Lifejackets and Sunscreen, you do not need shoes on this tour either. Time to get earthed.

What Kind of Kayaks do you use?

We use Sit on Top plastic kayaks that are generally double or triple kayaks.

Do I need to know how to kayak to do this tour?

No at all. This tour is the easiest tour you can do. We will show you how to become a future Olympic Kayak Champion with a brief kayak lesson on the riverbank before we start.

What if I am by myself, can I still do this tour?

Yes you can, we can pair you up with one of our Guides if you like

What if it rains, will the tour still run?

Yes we can run the tour in wet weather. Of course if there’s enough rain to float Noah’s Ark then we wouldn’t be heading out

Will I have fun?

Errr… of course!!!

In winter if the weather is cool what do I wear?

We will supply you with a thermal paddling top to keep you warm

What kind of wildlife can I see?

We generally see Rays, lots of Birdlife, Turtles and more…

Can I bring a bottle of water?

Yes you can, we supply water but a small water bottle is welcome. We recommend a re – usable bottle not made from single use plastics

Can you pick me up , transfer me to the tour?

You bet we can, just select a pick up point at the checkout on our website when booking in

If I don’t need a pick up, where do we meet?

We meet at the Brunswick Heads Scout Hall Garage
38 South Beach Rd, Brunswick Heads. About 10minutes before the start of your tour!

If I can’t swim , can I still do this tour?

Yes you can, we will take very good care of you. All of our Guides are trained Surf Life Savers

Can I bring a Gopro or camera along?

Yes you can, as long as it is waterproof case


Take it down a notch or two and join us for our Brunswick River Nature Kayak Tour. The Brunswick River is one of the most beautiful river systems in New South Wales. We run our tours on the top of the tide when the waters create a crystal clean and calm oasis for kayaking in.

Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay is owned and operated by Byron Bay resident Kurt Tutt. A member of the local Surf Life Saving Club since 1985, Kurt has grown up kayaking the Pacific Ocean surrounding Byron Bay. Kurt and his team of passionate guides share their experience and knowledge with visitors to Go Sea Kayak each day.

At Go Sea Kayak we aim to give our visitors an immersive experience of outdoor enjoyment, local cultural and historical knowledge and FUN. We do this all whilst taking the best of care of you.

No experience necessary! Wetsuits, lifejackets, sunscreen & secure lock up area provided. Anyone 5 years old and upwards can join us, zero experience required to have a great day!

Book a Brunswick River Tour with Go Sea Kayaks and you will not be disappointed, if you’re looking for even more adventure, check out out ocean kayak tours here!


Born and raised in Byron Bay, Kurt is the owner/operator of Go Sea Kayak. Well known as the town’s champion surf lifesaver, a qualified P.E teacher and kayak guide – Kurt probably spends more time on water than land.

This man runs a tight ship and as the area’s emergency Jetski responder, you couldnʼt be in safer hands. Kurt has completed two World Title 52km Ocean Kayak races in Hawaii in 2011 and 2012 finishing in the top ten both times.

Local paddler Emma Williams joined Go Sea Kayak in 2010 whilst completing her Sports Tourism Degree at SCU and her Bronze Medallion at Byron Surf Club. Emma grew up with whitewater Olympians at Bonalbo and is known at Go Sea Kayak as a seriously good wave handler in the kayak.

So much so that Elle Macpherson prefers no other then Emma as her paddling partner when in Byron Bay. Emma is also known as one of the fastest Troop Carrier Drivers in Byron Bay and will have you picked up and ready to kayak before you can get zinc on your nose.

Originally from the central coast of NSW, Doug brings a wealth of experience on the water and a healthy obsession with dolphins to the table. A consistent volunteer with the dolphin research program – Doug has a special knack for spotting dolphins and has been lucky enough to name a few of the locals.

On his days off Doug can be found …kayaking. His favourite quote: “Look after nature, cos nature looks after you”.


TEL: 1800 732 529
MOB: 0416 222 344

Brunswick Meeting Point / Office
38 South Beach Road, Brunswick Heads, 2483


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